There's something about breaking (or making) bread together that allows people to slow down, express love, and commune together in a very special way. Here you'll find approachable recipes and ideas for living well that are designed around this concept of wellness- nurturing our bodies and our souls and the people around us.

Here's to more gathering, feasting, and creating the memories that make life so beautiful.

  • "I’ve never read a cookbook cover to cover and certainly never binged one in one night. But I couldn’t put it down! Reading On Rising was like being snuggled in the coziest blanket while laughing with your friends and eating the most delicious cinnamon rolls! This is so much more than a cookbook. This is an homage, to family and the power of love!" -M.E

  • "Picking this book up I was blown away. Flipping through the pages and exploring the beauty of the pictures, recipes and inspirations only scratches the surface. It’s not just another cookbook or even just another coffee table book. I was inspired to make every single recipe in this book, but even more than that, I was inspired to start living more intentionally." -K.W

  • "Our family is busy all the time, we haven’t seemed to master the art of slowing down. The one thing I mourn from this fast paced existence is the lack of memories created around food for my kids.  When I read your cookbook, I got excited because the recipes are nourishing, quality, and easy enough to do in a pinch. The first thing that came to mind was that I can do these with my daughter even with our busy schedule…and we have already made a couple of the recipes together!" -M.S.

  • "As someone who doesn't feel particularly gifted in the kitchen, this book is so inspiring on every level. Not only does it give so many templates and ideas to start with for meals, it also takes away the intimidation factor I've always had with planning or approaching food." -E.S

  • "I love the thought and care behind every recipe and inspiration, and I felt like reading it, was like getting a big hug. I have already seen a change in my perspective and my mornings, not to mention my cooking." -K.S

  • "This is not a typical cookbook but it is a love letter to your soul. In the most approachable, honest way, this book will refresh your perspective on approaching mornings and every day." -E.W

Hi, I'm Deborah!

I'm a cookbook author and your personal kitchen cheerleader. I want to empower you to feel confident and joyful in the kitchen because every meal is an opportunity to spread life-changing love. Here you'll find recipes and tips for caring for yourself and others, mainly with food.

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