If this sounds like you...

Friend, here’s an invitation. Let that day be today.

Perhaps you want to be more present for and savor the delights of daily life and not feel beaten down by the continual list of things you have to do.

Or you are looking to get out of survival mode and finally slow down and live a connected life—connected with your body, the present moment, and those around you.

My take: cooking is one of the easiest, most life-changing ways to take care of yourself and others.

I'm not here to teach you simply how to cook- I want you to have the skills to cultivate a healthier, happier, more fulfilling life.

I wrote On Rising just for you, and just for this. It’s much more than a cookbook.

Here's a map to learn how to nurture yourself and your loved ones in a new way.

Starting every morning. And with a totally new relationship to your kitchen.

Before you count yourself out because “you’re not a morning person” or “you don’t like to cook”!

This book was written ESPECIALLY for you if...

  • You’ve decided the kitchen isn’t for you. 

    Cooking feels like a chore you don't have bandwidth for. You resigned yourself to Doordash or your kids leftovers PB&Js.

  • You don't have time.

    If every morning feels like a frenzied sprint, and you can’t catch your breath til bedtime.

  • You wish you could live a healthier, more fulfilling life.

    You just don't know what realistic steps you can take to move the needle.

"This book is exciting because the recipes are nourishing, quality, and easy enough to do in a pinch. I don’t need to carve out a couple of hours for this experience…I can wake up and make quick homemade tortillas with my kids and get on with my day!  I can still create those memories  but the ease of the recipes truly allows for memories to be made while living in the fast paced chapter." -M.S.

  • "Picking this book up I was blown away. Flipping through the pages and exploring the beauty of the pictures, recipes and inspirations only scratches the surface. It’s not just another cookbook or even just another coffee table book. I was inspired to make every single recipe in this book, but even more than that, I was inspired to start living more intentionally." -K.W

  • "On Rising is a cookbook, but so much more. Sure there are recipes, but what Deborah does is take the reader on a journey of self-discovery—her own, and that of the reader." -S.C.

  • "This book is genuinely is a gift to anyone who reads it. My life is better for having read your book! It’s so beautiful- it’s a love story told in the form of a book of recipes. I’m ready to cancel my whole week and stay in my kitchen! I’ve never been so inspired." -M.F

  • "This is not a typical cookbook but it is a love letter to your soul. In the most approachable, honest way, this book will refresh your perspective on approaching mornings and every day." -E.W

  • "I love the thought and care behind every recipe and inspiration, and I felt like reading it, was like getting a big hug. I have already seen a change in my perspective and my mornings, not to mention my cooking." -K.S

  • "This lovely book presents an inspiring and satiating taste of the good life, of caring for community and self, of living and eating well. The writing in this book moved me to tears. Deborah's vulnerability and open-armed approach to life allowed me to see and know her beautiful soul, and mine as well."  -M.S.

You don't have to feel stuck anymore.

With small, actionable, beautiful steps you can take starting today, you’ll gain the confidence and skills to navigate the have-to’s of daily life in a way that feels nourishing to you and you’ll actually look forward to.

We’re going to explore how to daily nurture our own bodies, our families and our communities. And we'll make memories with people we love, connecting with one of the most timeless and powerful love languages: food.

  • If you wish you could make memories at home with your loved ones, cooking together and connecting around the table, but you don’t know where to start...

    Here's what one reader had to say: "The one thing I mourn from this fast paced existence is the memories created around food for my kids.  When I read your cookbook, the first thing that came to mind was that I can do these with my daughter even with our busy schedule…and we have already made a couple of the recipes together!" -M.S.

  • This book was written specifically for people who don’t feel at home in the kitchen.

    Another reader commented: "As someone who doesn't feel particularly gifted in the kitchen, this book is so inspiring on every level. Not only does it give so many templates and ideas to start with for meals, it also takes away the intimidation factor I've always had with planning or approaching food." -E.S

  • And if you aren't a morning person,

    I get it! I am not by nature a morning person either, but in a tough season of life, I learned to become one. Not only was it surprisingly painless and effective process, but it opened a magical extra hour of my day that has drastically improved almost every aspect of my personal and professional life.

By learning to love cooking at home,

You will  be healthier, even if you aren’t cooking “health foods”.

In fact, that is my cooking philosophy. I believe that cooking at home with love, using the highest quality ingredients you can get your hands on, is healthy. To me, taking the time to thoughtfully prepare yourself something homemade from the heart is healthy. Breaking bread with friends, new and old, is healthy. I believe a Nutella-stuffed beignet, savored with gratitude, can be “better for you” than a bowl of buckwheat eaten in the stress of labels and rigidity.

You will save a substantial amount of money. 

Eating out adds up fast. Convenience foods are not only filled with preservatives and chemicals, but more expensive. When you find joy in the kitchen and are able and willing to cook at home, you'll find that you can make $$$$ meals on a $ budget. We've found this adds up to huge savings over time.

You’ll find so many opportunities for connection with the people you love- whether its your kids, your spouse, your neighbors, or friends.

Having the skills to nurture, nourish, and bring joy to the people in your life with this universal love language that everyone understands is priceless. All of my favorite memories in life have been around the table, because it is so conducive to giving and receiving love. Love is a powerful legacy, and this kind of care is one way love is made practical. This is the highlight, the point, the beating heart of cooking to me.

"I’ve never read a cookbook cover to cover and certainly never binged one in one night. But I couldn’t put it down! Reading On Rising was like being snuggled in the coziest blanket while laughing with your friends and eating the most delicious cinnamon rolls! This is so much more than a cookbook. This is an homage, to family and the power of love! It was a delight and I can’t wait to gift this to friends and watch them fall in love as well." -M.E

Hi, I'm Deborah Johnson

When I was a kid, I fell in love with cooking, and even dreamed of writing a cookbook- because I realized that it was a powerful way to make other people smile. 

My journey to writing a cookbook