Let's Get Cozy in the Kitchen

Lesson 1 Resources: The Quickest, Easiest Dinner Bread

My Top Tip to Improve Your Baking

What Your Dough Will Look Like Initially

Shaping Your Dough

Revealed: the Final Product!

Lesson 2 Resources: The Best Salad of Your Life!

My Best Tips for Getting Cozy in the Kitchen

The #1 Knife Skill to Keep You Safe

Get Comfortable with Seasoning your Food by Knowing Your Spices

Pro Tip #1 for Perfectly Dressed Salads

Pro Tip #2 for Perfectly Dressed Salads

Lesson 3 Resources: The Juiciest Roast Chicken Dinner!

Tips for Handling Raw Poultry

Step by Step Guide for Preparing the Bird

For Extra Flavorful Chicken

How to Tell Your Chicken is Fully Cooked

How to Carve and Serve Roast Chicken

Lesson 4 Resources: Molten Chocolate Lava Cake

The Most Delicious Way to Make Sure Your Cake Does Not Stick

How to Separate Eggs

Easy Way to Melt Chocolate

A Secret Hack for Always Gooey Lava Cake

How to Invert a Dessert from a Ramekin for Serving