But as an adult, that dream was relegated to the back burner. As sometimes happens, unexpected hills and valleys replaced the journey I expected. In a time of loss, I rediscovered that cooking has the power to be a balm for the soul and to knit me to the community I so sorely needed. 

Having experienced its transformative powers, I wanted to share the joy of cooking in an approachable way that would resonate with my friends, most of whom didn't feel comfortable in the kitchen.

Still, a cookbook seemed like a pipe dream. I felt paralyzed by my fear of failure. But eventually the longing to write was greater than my fear, and I took the leap.

My heart is not to merely share recipes or techniques, but that you'd fall in love with the rewarding pleasures in the kitchen. As I began exploring how to share this approach, On Rising became more than a book of recipes.

It's a guide to gently, conscientiously, take nourishing care of yourself and others. Both in the kitchen and out. Mornings became a logical starting point.

I deeply believe you are worth caring for, and you are worthy of delicious home cooked meals, joyous memories, and the connection that is so central to a fulfilling life on a daily basis. 

Cooking doesn't have to be just another chore. It can be a beautiful opportunity to slow down and discover the magic in life's little moments. It's a powerful way to take care of yourself- not just in what you cook, but how you do it. And almost spontaneously, you'll find countless ways to connect with and care for the people in your life as well.

The path to writing this book was exponentially more demanding and rewarding than I ever imagined. It convinced me more than ever of the rewards of taking this new approach to life and cooking. I am so excited to share this book with you, and so grateful for your support in this dream coming true.

Here’s to savoring the deliciousness in life that’s all around us, together. Cheers!