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Get Cozy in the Kitchen

Get Cozy in the Kitchen

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In less than one week, develop confidence and skills in the kitchen, while mastering classic recipes you’ll reach for time and again: quick and easy homemade bread, the best salad ever, perfect roast chicken, and molten chocolate lava cake.

This course also includes a comprehensive shopping list, timing tips, flavor variations, ideas for how to re-purpose leftovers, and a 15 minute phone call with me (must be scheduled within one month of purchase) for guidance, troubleshooting, or to address any questions that may arise. 

Let's get cozy in the kitchen!

*Upon purchase of the course, please check your email and confirm your subscription (aka that I have permission to email you). Your introduction to the course will arrive shortly thereafter!



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  • Course Format

    Instead of overwhelming you with information to sort through and separate logins, you'll receive a brief, bite-size lesson daily right in your inbox. You'll find comprehensive written instructions, tips, and recipes, as well as videos that provide visual aids for any tricky bits.

  • Course Content

    You’ll master four key recipes you can use the rest of your life. Each is a worthy addition to your repertoire on its own, together they combine to make an excellent dinner menu.

  • Course Pace

    The course format entails a one-week cookalong challenge. You can choose to master one dish per day, or do the lessons at your own pace at your convenience.

  • To Start

    To start, you’ll receive a comprehensive shopping list and a birds eye view of the challenge with a guide to timing. Nothing is worse than starting a recipe only to find out there’s more time, effort, or ingredients involved than you thought! 

  • Along the Way

    Along the way, I discuss special topics to help you feel fozy in the kitchen like knife skills, learning to set a lovely vibe in the kitchen, my favorite cooking shortcuts, and more. You’ll gain newfound confidence in the kitchen and key skills that you’ll apply every day.

  • Forever

    My goal is to be a valuable resource on your journey to getting cozy in the kitchen! You will have lifetime access to the course content and videos.

  • Bonus 1: How to Easily Make your own Butter.

    This is a great skill to have under your belt, way easier than you’d think, and will make for a swoon worthy accompaniment to the homemade bread you’re about to learn.

  • Bonus 2: How to Make your Own Homemade Vanilla Ice Cream.

    Again, easier than you’d think! And no special equipment needed. A match made in heaven with your new signature dish, molten chocolate lava cakes!

  • Bonus 3: Phone a Friend.

    If at any point, you have questions, or need to troubleshoot an issue, you can schedule a 15 minute call with me or my team to get personalized help. (This must be scheduled within one month of purchase). Click here to schedule.